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Yang and Lemon call on 'Grown Men' to help when they see someone being assaulted

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CNN's Don Lemon and Andrew Yang call on grown men to step up and help people when they see someone being assaulted. A 65-year-old woman was assaulted this week in front of a store and the security at the store DID NOTHING to help her. Several of them now face disciplinary action at work for their lack of stopping the assault and then not even helping her as she laid on the ground in pain. In fact, the security guard SHUT THE DOOR and left the old woman outside to fend for herself. How much of an awful person are you if you can't even help an old lady off the ground after she just got beat up by some random guy? You're a real piece of crap if you leave a woman on the ground like that. That poor lady was on her way to church! Come on, man!

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