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Show host says Biden could've been 'taken over by DEMONS and stuff'

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If those weird "Satan Shoes" by rapper LiL Nas X weren't enough for you. Now here's this! She's the host of a show called "Up Front In The Prophetic" and her name is Francine Fosdick. She literally says that it's may not be Joe Biden behind a Joe Biden mask and that it's possible he could have been "taken over by demons and stuff." The other woman was like, the "eyes are black" and they aren't even laughing. THEY ARE SERIOUS ABOUT THIS. I literally cannot even. Folks, what is going on here? Is this a serious conversation people are having? I know Joe Biden is basically a hypothetical potato, but never in my wildest jokes have I thought there's someone up there wearing a mask and some demons are frolicking in the wilderness with Sleepy Joe. Come on, man. There's funny, then there's crazy. And I'm not sure how to classify this weirdness.

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