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Xiaomi unveils a new Mi Smart Projector that beams Android TV to your wall


{feed:enclosure_url} Xiaomi has been selling its Smart Compact Projector for a few years in the United States and other countries, complete with Android TV 9.0 and a height of only 5.9 inches. Today, the company revealed a new model, the Mi Smart Projector 2 Pro, with a slightly bulkier design and more features.

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Projector 2 is larger than the original model but can reach a much higher brightness of 1300 ANSI lumens, compared to the 500 ANSI lumens of its predecessor. It also has an output of 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) resolution, HDR10 support, and unidirectional auto-focus (using its built-in ToF sensor).

The sound system is also impressive (for the projector’s size), with dual 10W speakers and compatibility with DTS-HD and Dolby Audio. The projector can also be used as a standalone Bluetooth speaker, so when you’re not watching movies or TV shows, you can still enjoy music without the projection lamp wasting the battery.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Projector 2 Pro

Credit: Xiaomi

Like most other smart projectors, the Mi Smart Projector 2 runs on top of Android TV. It’s certified for use by Google, so the Google Play Store and other apps should work just as they do on other Android TV devices. This also means you can use Google Cast to beam content to it as the Chromecast receiver app should be available. You can also talk to Google Assistant, though Xiaomi didn’t specify if the microphone will be on the remote or on the projector itself. It’s also not clear what version of Android TV it will run out of the box.

Xiaomi says the Mi Smart Projector 2 will be available for €999 (with early pricing set at €899), which translates to about $1,177 in the United States or ₹85,554. That’s definitely on the expensive side, but there isn’t much competition in this space — most other smart projectors offer much lower brightness (200-500 ANSI lumens) while many others aren’t officially Android TV certified. The $799 Xgimi Halo with Android TV 9 comes close with its 800 ANSI lumen lamp, but most options brighter than that aren’t intended to be easily portable.

There’s no official release date yet, and Xiaomi has not said which regions the projector will be sold in (besides Europe, as indicated by the Euro pricing).

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