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What’s the next feature Samsung should add to its Galaxy A series?


{feed:enclosure_url} Samsung’s Galaxy A series has sold like hotcakes since its debut in early 2019. Despite the enormous number of options available in the smartphone market, Samsung’s mid-rangers thrive on the brand’s reputation, wide availability across the globe, and faster than ever software updates. With the recently launched Galaxy A52/A52 5G and the Galaxy A72, Samsung has brought a once previously premium feature to the lineup: a higher refresh rate display. What are some other features you wish to see Samsung add to its next Galaxy A devices?

As we noted in our Galaxy A52 review, Samsung’s mid-range smartphones are typically priced above competitors from brands like Xiaomi or Realme. In fact, you can even buy “flagship-killers” like the POCO F3 for nearly the same price as the Galaxy A52. But even so, Samsung is bridging the gap between its premium and mid-range phones with a different approach.

Instead of glorifying its smartphones as spec-heavy goliaths, the company is bringing premium features like dust and water resistance, the same 25W fast charging technology available on flagships like the Galaxy Note 20 and the Galaxy S21 series, and high refresh rate displays. Samsung’s promptness in terms of software updates and the promise of three generational Android version updates — as well as four years of security updates — makes the new Galaxy A series devices even more enticing. Alongside these factors, Samsung’s brand image inspires confidence in the new smartphones.

This approach not only solidifies Samsung’s opportunity to sell more phones, but it can also help the company invade the segment of flagship killers — or devices that are seen as viable alternatives to flagship phones. Features such as 5G connectivity further strengthen this possibility.

What are some features you want to see on the next Galaxy A series smartphones? How do you feel about Samsung’s new Galaxy A devices in comparison to Xiaomi’s new POCO series? Let us know in the comments below!

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