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Samsung?s latest 8K, first Wi-Fi 6E TV nears release


Samsung’s next 8K TV will also be its first to feature Wi-Fi 6E support, offering connectivity across three vastly different bands. According to some newly surfaced product certification, the high-end smart TV in question will utilize a MediaTek wireless modem. That’s hardly a surprise, considering how much Samsung and MediaTek’s relationship has grown in recent years.

In fact, Samsung’s very first Wi-Fi 6 smart TVs – released just over a year ago – were also sporting MediaTek gear.

Is Wi-Fi 6E a major selling point of today’s flagship TVs?

As for the upcoming model, its modem is based on MediaTek’s reference design board MT7921. This is one of the Taiwanese manufacturer’s newest widely approved chips whose very existence also should guarantee support for the latest and greatest among other wireless technologies: Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy, WPA3, Wi-Fi Agile Multiband, and the like.

Samsung already announced its mainline 8K (and 4K) TVs for 2021 back in January, though not much has been said on the subject of their connectivity features as of yet. Cutting-edge audio is looking good this year, though.

Even though Wi-Fi 6E remains a niche technology, anyone on the market for an 8K smart television set will presumably be interested in all the bells and whistles the industry has to offer. And as far as obscure features go, you could do a whole of a lot worse than buying a TV that can operate on 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz bands. I.e., Wi-Fi 6E might not yet be widely adopted, but it’s certainly not a gimmick.

This development comes not long after Samsung launched its first Wi-Fi 6E-compatible device, overall: the Galaxy S21 Ultra. The Android flagship does not utilize a MediaTek chip but instead leverages one from Broadcom, as will most other high-end smartphones Samsung’s expected to release by the end of the year.

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