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Paranoid Android releases Android 11 builds for Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, Mix 3, 8 Pro, and 8 Explorer Edition


Paranoid Android is one of the longest-running custom ROM projects, and even though the team has had a few breaks over the years, Paranoid Android is still a popular choice for modders. The ROM currently offers Android 11 testing builds for select devices, and now four more phones have joined the party.

Paranoid Android ‘Ruby’ builds, based on Android 11, are now available for the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, Mi Mix 3, Mi 8 Pro, and Mi 8 Explorer Edition (the latter two have a combined build). For all devices, the installation process involves flashing the MIUI Android 10 stable firmware, then formatting data, and installing the appropriate .zip file. There are no known bugs for any of the ports right now, but that could change over the coming days and weeks as more people download the releases.

The new ports are labeled as ‘Dev 1’ releases, so while there might be a few rough edges, they should be more stable than Paranoid Android’s earlier alpha-quality Android 11 releases. The ROM is based on the CAF (CodeAurora Forum) base, which has additional optimizations for Snapdragon-based Android devices.

Unlike some other custom ROMs, the Play Store and other Google apps are pre-installed, so you don’t need an extra Gapps zip. However, this also means Paranoid Android isn’t the best choice for a de-Googled phone. If you’re looking to go down that road, LineageOS might be your best option, which has its own suite of applications that can supplement some Google applications (e.g., a mail client and music player).

Paranoid Android has been slowly rolling out Android 11 builds over the past few months. The team started with the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro in November of last year, then expanded to more OnePlus and Xiaomi phones in December. Here’s hoping the team can add more phones to the list soon — if you’d like to help, check the above-linked forum threads for ways you can help and donate.

Featured image credits: Paranoid Android

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