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Spotify rolls out a redesigned desktop and web player


Spotify has been busy tweaking its mobile home screen to provide listeners with a more personalized experience. Now, the streaming service is introducing a redesign to its desktop and web apps.

Spotify said it spent months testing and researching today’s redesign, which the service said offers a cleaner look, more controls, and a foundation that the service will use for the years to come.


Image: Spotify

“With this redesign, we’re combining the technical opportunity of a modern and scalable web player together with a cohesive Spotify design and the features that you’ve all come to expect across the desktop app,” Spotify said in a blog post.

The redesign introduces refined navigation to make finding content easier. Search is now on the left side of the navigation page, while your feed now includes top artists and tracks. Spotify also said that you can now start a radio session for any song or artist radio by clicking on the “…” menu.

Spotify is also providing users with greater control over playlists. That means it’ll be much easier to write descriptions, upload images, and drag and drop tracks into existing playlists. There’s also a new embedded search bar to find and add new songs and podcast episodes to new and existing playlists.

Images via Spotify

It will also be easier to edit your Queue and view Recently played, and you can also apply new sorting options to “Your Library” via a dropdown menu in the top-right corner.

Finally, while Spotify has always offered offline play, the redesign introduces a download button (pictured in the screenshot above). The functionality is the same, but the experience looks more modern.

Spotify’s big redesign for desktop and on the web is rolling out starting today and should be available to subscribers around the globe in the coming weeks.

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