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ASUS releases new updates for the ROG Phone 5, ROG Phone 3, and ROG Phone II with security patches and bug fixes


ASUS’ Republic of Gamers (ROG) smartphone lineup grows each year and has become increasingly popular among power users for the great hardware they offer. Following the release of the first closed beta build of Android 11 for the ROG Phone 3, ASUS is now rolling out a new stable channel build based on Android 10 for the same device. The newly released ROG Phone 5 and the legacy ROG Phone II have also picked up new software updates, although there are practically no similarities between the changelogs. Nonetheless, we’ve put together all the information for you in one place, and we’ve also collected the OTA download links so you can skip the wait.

ASUS ROG Phone 5

The latest update for the ROG Phone 5 carries version number 18.0830.2101.81. The new build introduces several fixes and enhancements, from optimizing the Ultrasonic AirTriggers vibration to fixing a screen orientation glitch on the rear ROG Vision display. However, it still has January 2021 security patches.

The full changelog is noted below:

ROG Phone 5 Changelog

  • Fix screen orientation issue for the rear ROG Vision display which could occur in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed issue where charging status and notification LED could show device is still charging when using the Side Port (usb-c) with USB devices
  • Optimize left/right Ultrasonic AirTriggers vibration (may need to reset the click force in settings)
  • Fixed issue where a LINE call could trigger an automatic restart
  • Set the default value of NFC to Off

ASUS ROG Phone 3

The ROG Phone 3 has received call quality and system stability improvements through the new build, which is tagged as 17.0823.2102.143. It also bumps the Android security patch level (SPL) of the device to February 2021. You can find the complete changelog below.

ROG Phone 3 Changelog

  • Enabled VoLTE on Tele2 (Russia).
  • Updated the workspace of launcher for Russia
  • Updated to February 2021 Android security patch
  • Improved call quality
  • Fixed the issue where “Restrict background sync” on Armoury Crate causes malfunction of “Automatically sync data”
  • Fixed issue where camera zoom feature did not work properly
  • Improved system stability
  • Updated APN list


ASUS has finally brought in the Android security patches for March 2021 to the ROG Phone II with a new software update. Bearing version number 17.0240.2103.75, the build also includes a bunch of bug fixes as shown in the changelog below.

ROG Phone II Changelog

  • Android security patch update to 2021-03
  • Fixed issue where the phone could restart when starting a stream with screen sharing and connecting a 3.5mm headphone at the same time.
  • Fix issue with poor WiGig reception
  • Fixed issue with using the Kunai controller and type-c headphones connected through the sideport
  • Fixed issue between ‘locked touch mode’, incoming call notification and Game Genie panel.
  • Fixed issue where in some instasnces the other party could not hear your voice in a Skype call after connecting a Bluetooth headset

As per the official announcement posts, the updates have begun rolling out to the three phones in a phased manner. You can expect the updates to reach your phones soon, or you can just download the full firmware package for your model and opt for a manual sideload.

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