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Save an incredible $600 on the Samsung Air Dresser as part of Samsung Discover Week, today only!


Samsung’s Discover Week event has had some great sales already, but the manufacturer wants to make sure you don’t forget they make some great appliances as well. For example, take the Samsung Air Dresser, a neat steam-cleaning locker that will help you care for your delicate clothing. Normally $1,499, it’s certainly not a smart home gift for the frugal, but you can save $600 on the smart device, today only!

If you have a lot of clothing that needs special care, such as jackets, ties, or anything made with special material, you know it can be a pain to clean them. Dry cleaning is an option, but it can get expensive, and who wants another errand to add to the list? It’s easier and a time-saver to clean them in your home, and that’s where the Samsung Air Dresser comes in.

The Samsung Air Dresser uses steam to clean your garments, removing dust and dirt while also preventing any wrinkles. There’s also the Sanitize cycle, which kills common bacteria. Perfect if your work puts you in contact with germs a lot.

Finally, with the SmartThings app, you can make sure the Air Dresser does exactly what you need it to when you need it to. Choose the kind of item and material you’re caring for, and the appliance will adjust its cycle accordingly for the best results. You can also start it remotely, so if you need to have clean clothes when you’re home, you have no worries.

Saving $600 is just a bonus on all of this! It brings the price of the Air Dresser to just $899. It’ll save you way more than that on trips to the dry cleaners! Don’t delay this deal, as it’s only available until the end of the day.

  • Clean your clothes, remove wrinkles, and sanitize with the Samsung Air Dresser! Today only, this smart home device is $600 off the $1,499 MSRP.

If you want to see all of the Samsung Discover Week deals, check out their deal page below. Check back tomorrow for the next deal of the day!

  • Head over to the Samsung Store to see everything that the retailer has on sale this week.

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