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Google Photos gets deeper Google Lens integration


Google Photos has quietly added deeper integration with Google Lens. The new tools are available when you tap the Lens icon while viewing a single item in the Google Photos app.

According to Android Police, the tools make it easy to search inside of a photo right from the Photos app. With the tools integrated in Photos, you can tap on text selected by Lens, translate it, copy, Search, and transfer it to a Google-connected PC. Having the features built right into Google Photos means you don’t have to bounce between multiple apps.

Images via Android Police

It’s unclear when these Google Lens tools were integrated into Photos, but it’s part of Google’s larger effort to bring Lens features to other Google experiences. For example, Google has imbued its official Camera and Search apps with Lens features. Google has also been making Lens more powerful in general, introducing a new education mode for solving math problems, Google Shopping integration, and much more.

According to Android Police, sources claim the new Google Photos interface for recognizing text is new, although it’s unclear how widely the tools are available. You need both Google Lens and Google Photos in order to take advantage of the deeper integration.

If you’re a Google Photos user, a big date is currently looming on the horizon. The service will begin limiting free storage beginning June 1. Google said free users would be limited to the complementary 15GB of storage that comes with every Google Account. After that, you’ll have to pay monthly for a Google One subscription, which starts at $1.99 per month ($19.99 per year) for 100GB.

In addition to transitioning to a subscription model, Google has introduced premium features to Photos over the past few months. The premium features, including advanced video editing tools, are only available to subscribers.

Google Lens (Free, Google Play) ?

Google Photos (Free, Google Play) ?

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