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Telegram takes on Clubhouse with Voice Chat 2.0


The latest Telegram update brings major improvements to the Voice Chat feature that rolled out to users late last year. The new version, which Telegram is calling Voice Chats 2.0, extends Voice Chat support to Channels and introduces a couple of new features to improve the Voice Chat experience.

The new Telegram Voice Chat features were first spotted in a beta update earlier this month. Now, the features are finally rolling out with the latest stable release. Following the latest update, Channel admins will get the ability to host voice chats. To do so, admins will have to open the profile of any group or channel, tap on the three-dot menu icon, and then select the new “Start Voice Chat” option.


The update also brings a new Recorded Chats feature that will let Group and Channel admins record audio from voice chats and publish them in the group/channel for members who missed the live event. The Recorded Chats will be available within Saved Messages.


Furthermore, Telegram’s Voice Chats are getting a new Raise Hand feature to help muted participants easily indicate that they want to speak. Admins will see a new animation whenever a participant uses the Raise Hand option. Tapping on it will open a pop-up window with an option to allow the participant to speak, open chat, or remove the participant.


The update also brings an option to help admins share invite links to Voice Chats. The setting will let admins create separate links for speakers and listeners. Admins will also get an option to add titles to Voice Chats to help members see the topic of the conversation before joining.


Finally, the latest Telegram update also includes an option to help users choose their personal account or channel account while joining voice chats. Along with these Voice Chat improvements, Telegram is getting a couple of additional features with the latest update. You can read all about them by following this link.

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