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LG’s rollable smartphone gets Bluetooth SIG certification


Over the last few months, we’ve seen several conflicting reports about LG’s rollable smartphone. While on the one hand, LG has maintained that the rollable phone is an actual product that will hit the shelves later this year. On the other, we’ve seen reports claiming that the South Korean manufacturer has instructed its parts suppliers to put the project on hold. LG has repeatedly denied these rumors, and it now seems like the rumors may have been incorrect all along. That’s because LG’s rollable smartphone has recently been certified by the Bluetooth SIG, which leads us to believe that it may reach the masses later this year.

LG first teased the rollable smartphone during the LG Wing launch event in September last year. But the teaser only gave us a brief glimpse of the device. The company then showcased the concept phone at CES earlier this year, and since then, we’ve seen one conflicting report after another about the device. But now that the device has received Bluetooth SIG certification, we have some confidence in LG’s claims.