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OnePlus Store app launches in North America with deals on the OnePlus 9 series


While OnePlus phones can be found in the major U.S. carriers, if you want to buy an unlocked smartphone, the official OnePlus Store is probably the best way to do so. In fact, before carriers started selling OnePlus smartphones, the only way you could get an OnePlus phone in the U.S. was through the OnePlus Store, and the first devices in particular years back even required an invitation to be able to buy one. While those days are long gone, the OnePlus Store is still a valuable resource where you can get all OnePlus devices, products, and official accessories and where you can still grab amazing deals. It’s now easier to access from your mobile device, too, as the company has launched an official OnePlus Store app for North American customers.

There’s already an OnePlus Store app for the Indian market, and while this app looks similar UI and UX-wise (even having the same icon), this one is geared towards the North American market. The company revealed plans to launch this app through a forum post a couple of weeks back, but back then, they were looking for beta testers to try out the app in a closed beta environment, bound by a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). We reached out to OnePlus regarding what changed between then and now and whether they actually intended to make the app public, and they gave us the following statement:

“The OnePlus Store app is now live via the Google Play store and is available for consumers to download – we are still working on the final development and will officially launch on 3/18. The OnePlus Store app is a new way for users to learn about promotions and deals, and ultimately purchase OnePlus devices and accessories including the upcoming 9 Series. Throughout the app development process, OnePlus asked its Community to provide feedback into the Beta version, and because of the type of information the application incorporated the apk was provided publicly to ensure more users could participate in the feedback process.”

The app allows you to shop OnePlus products and discover deals (including deals in OnePlus 9 series smartphones). It will also support something called “OnePlus Club,” a new reward program (which is actually mentioned in the initial forum announcement for the OnePlus Store app) that will reward you for your loyalty, allowing you to get points for purchasing OnePlus products, devices, and gear through the OnePlus Store.

OnePlus Store in United States & Canada (Free, Google Play) ?

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