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You can finally snooze Google Calendar notifications on desktop


Google has announced that you can now snooze Google Calendar desktop notifications right from the notification itself. The feature may seem small, but before today’s announcement, Google said it was a top user request.

According to Google, you can only snooze notifications if you’re using Chrome, and you must have desktop notifications enabled and Calendar open in a tab. The feature is available to all Google Workspace, G Suite Basic, and Business customers, and should be rolling out over the next few days.

The ability to snooze notifications will be turned on by default, and Google said you can’t remove the option. You can, however, change the timing of snoozed notifications, otherwise if you do hit snooze a notification will reappear one minute before the schedule meeting. Google said you can also “re-snooze” a notification for an additional five minutes as many times as you’d like, until the meeting ends.

You might see this promo below in the coming weeks to inform you of the new feature:


Image: Google

With a lot of people learning and working from home, it’s the small features that will make a big difference. Google recently added cross-profile work and personal account support to Calendar, as well as a Google Maps panel for quick access. Calendar also received Tasks integration, making it a better tool for keeping track of your to-do list.

Sometimes we all need another moment to gather our thoughts, notes, and minds before jumping into an important meeting. So, the addition of snoozed notifications on desktop is hugely welcome. Just don’t get too comfortable hitting that snooze button, because you might “accidentally” miss that very important meeting you have scheduled with your team. Not that I have any experience doing that exact thing.

For more information on modifying Google Calendar notifications, you can check out this guide.

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