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Samsung Research?s principal engineer appointed as the chair of 6G vision group


Samsung is one of the leading brands in the 5G telecommunications market. It makes almost all the products in the 5G end-to-end pipeline, including 5G chipsets, core technologies, sub-stations, 5G vRAN, radios, and 5G smartphones. The company has now set its vision on 6G telecommunication technologies, and one of its senior researchers has been appointed as the chair of a working group that will oversee 6G development.

Samsung Research’s principal engineer, Choi Hyung-jin, will lead a 6G vision group at the International Telecommunication Union-Radiocommunication (ITU-R). ITU-R is an international decision-making body that sets and manages telecommunication regulations and consists of 193 member states. The new working group is tasked with establishing the vision for 6G, define its key capabilities, study various 6G-grade technologies, and create timelines for 6G’s standardization and commercialization.

Samsung has also served as the chair of ITU-R’s 5G vision group in the past. Samsung Research had published its 6G whitepaper last year to explain its views on next-generation telecommunication solutions. The research arm had also set up the Advanced Communications Research Center in 2019 to study 6G networks in a more detailed manner.

It is being expected that ITU-R will complete its vision for 6G networks by 2023. The international body will also develop technical requirements for 6G technologies through industry standards organizations. The technologies that pass ITU-R’s evaluation will then be recognized as the global standards for 6G communications around 2030. We can expect to see the rollout of 6G networks and 6G smartphones in the early part of the next decade.

Sebastian Seung, President and Head of Samsung Research, said, “Samsung has been leading global efforts regarding 6G through our activities, including publishing the 6G White Paper in July 2020. We plan to continue our active participation and contribute to the development of standards for the ITU-R 6G Vision as well as the 3GPP technical specification.“

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