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Apple could soon deliver iOS security updates independent from other updates


After releasing a major platform update every year, like Android 12, Google usually follows up by launching new security patches every month. Apple could be considering introducing something on the same lines for iOS. The fourth iOS 14.5 beta update includes some changes hidden in the internal codes that suggest that Apple is considering delivering security updates independent from other updates.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple is working on a method to roll out standalone iOS security updates. iOS users should know that there is no way around if they want to install security patches without updating to the latest version of the OS and all the other feature changes included therein. Apple does, however, release security updates for iOS 12 running on older iPhones and iPads, but the newer generation of devices supported by the company don’t have the option to run an older version of iOS with the latest security updates.

This might change in the future as a new section has been added to the iOS software update menu. Apple is expected to offer standalone security updates where users will be given the option to choose if they want to install the entire iOS update or just the security updates. According to new string code found in iOS 14.5, once you download an update, for instance, just the security update sans any feature changes, you will have to delete it before installing a newer available iOS update.

Image: 9to5Mac

This is not the first time Apple will be offering separate update packs. It has been offering separate security patches for Mac users where devices running on an older version of the operating system get separate security updates. This way, users can access security patches and bug fixes without installing the latest macOS version.

One way that Apple could implement this on iOS is to continue offering security updates for iOS 14 after the release of iOS 15. Hence users can choose not to update to the latest major version but still receive important security patches. Speaking of which, Ben from our team has listed out a few things that upcoming iOS 15 could learn from Android 12. Do give it a read and tell us what do you want Apple to add in iOS 15.

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