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VITO QuickContact v3.0

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VITO QuickContact v3.0
Requirements: Pocket PC Windows Mobile 2003/5.0
Overview: VITO QuickContact is a contact manager for your Pocket PC, that includes everything you need to manage your contacts, input phone numbers with one hand! No stylus needed.

Useful features:
full compatibility with standard contacts (all default options supported)
adding new contacts
sorting contacts by first or last name
adjustable fonts
New in v 3.0
press the Green and Red buttons to open and close QuickContact
immediately call found contact with Green Button press
view history of last 50 calls
view, add, edit contacts both on sim card and phone book
when creating a new contact on sim QuickContact automatically inserts selected number from the history list
new cool icons for contacts on sim card and phone as well as for incoming, outgoing and missed calls in history
new version of QuickContact can filter contacts in two different languages simultaneously
it also supports all Europena languages
send us your request to search contacts in your own language

More Info:

Download Instructions:

Mirrors: http://www.sharebig.com/share.php?id=s14bhgqdhnqKT0YUJ