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Image Explorer v0.3

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Image Explorer v0.3 (Freeware)
Requirements: Any PocketPC
Overview: Open image files with ease using Image Explorer. Supported file formats are Windows Bitmaps (2bp, bmp), all GIF formats (gif), standard and progressive encoded JPEGs (jpeg, jpg, jpe) and X-Windows bitmaps (xbm). Limited Edition Version 0.3 allows you to zoom in and out of images, zoom to original size, fit to screen and view image file properties. Drag on the screen to move the image around if it is larger than the screen.


Image Explorer is still in development, and so several features are not yet available. Support this development and keep Image Explorer free by purchasing Task Monitor. Features in development are:
* Full screen mode to use the whole of your Pocket PC screen to display an image.
* Program settings will amongst other things allow you to change the starting display mode and set file associations.
* The Exhibit function will allow you to display images in the current listing as a presentation.

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