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Rinfix Pocket File Manager v1.2

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Rinfix Pocket File Manager v1.2
Requirements: Windows Mobile 2003/2003 SE/5.0/6.0
Overview: Designed with productivity in mind, Pocket File Manager offers a quick and easy way to manage files on your Pocket PC. Dual-pane layout makes file management operations such as copying, moving and renaming faster and more intuitive. Advanced file selection empowers you to handle multiple files with only a few stylus taps. Fully customizable appearance allows you to tune Pocket File Manager interface to look the way you like it. Enhanced button mapping lets you assign several actions to one button.

* Viewing files
o Dual pane layout
o Vertical and horizontal pane layouts
o Force landscape or portrait mode
o Interface optimized for small screen devices
o Fullscreen mode
o Files are hightlighted by type and attributes
o 6 pane view modes
o 7 file sort modes
o Customizeable extension trimming for long file names (NEW!)
o Optional Windows Mobile 5.0 - style toolbar (NEW!)
* Navigation
o Bookmarks for instant access to your favorite folders
o Quick access to a list of storage cards
o Single-tap and double-tap navigation modes
o Effective navigation with buttons only
o Switch between two maximized panes
o Optional scrollbar on the left side of the pane (NEW!)
o Configurable automatic folder contents refresh (NEW!)
* File operations
o Copy, move, rename and delete files and folders
o Create new folders
o View or change file, folder and storage card properties
o Create shortcuts
o View and change file associations
o Send files via Bluetooth (Widcomm/Broadcom and Microsoft stacks are supported) (NEW!)
o Send files via Infrared (NEW!)
* Strong file encryption
o Encrypt and decrypt files
o Supported algorithms: AES, Blowfish, Twofish, DES, 3DES, Cast5, RC2, RC5, RC6
* File selection
o Optional single-tap file and folder selection
o Select multiple file using filters
* File search
o Name filters
o Search text inside files
o Search files by attributes, date, time, size
* Hardware buttons
o Enhanced hardware button mapping: you can assign any action to a button
o Map actions to simple button presses or long button presses
* Customizable appearance
o 3 built-in color schemes
o Customizable font face and size
* Supported devices
o Windows Mobile 2003 devices
o Windows Mobile 2003 SE devices
o Windows Mobile 5.0 devices
o Windows Mobile 6.0 devices
o Portrait/Landscape screen orientation modes are supported
o VGA and Square-screen devices are supported

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