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Telcogames Sil v1.0 7 240x320v3.*Retail*

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Telcogames Sil v1.0 7 240x320v3.*Retail*
WM 5.0
Description :
SiL is an all-new arcade puzzle game of objects and silhouettes - just rotate and match quickly for a high score. There's more of course, combos and trophies, different game mode, beautiful graphics and cheery music. Train your fingers to be as fast as the eye in the game of shape recognition. SiL is simple and elegant, colourful and fun.

"Rotate and match objects for a high score" - that sums it up in once sentence. Well, there's more, but you'll learn all about chain combos and unlockable trophies when playing the game.

Together with stylized visuals and the cheeriest soundtrack ever, SiL is easy to pick up but infinitely challenging.

SiL Features
# Instantly accessible with simple controls

# Unlockable trophy objects

# 3 different game modesM

# Depth of gameplay with a chain combo and bonus multiplier system

# 100 different 3D objects

# Flashy full-screen visual effects

More Info:
Download Instructions:http://www.sendspace.com/file/3l66g7