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CloneDVD Mobile v1.1.4.1

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CloneDVD Mobile v1.1.4.1
Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/XP64/VISTA/VISTA64
Overview: CloneDVD mobile converts your DVD movies quickly and easily into a format that your portable device (Sony PSP, Apple iPod Video, iAudio X5, Creative Labs ZEN Vision, etc) can play. You can also convert your DVDs to other file formats, such as DivX, XviD, AVI, MP4, etc.

-Convert movie DVDs to play on mobile video equipment like the Sony -PSP, Apple iPod Video, iAudio X5, Creative Labs ZEN Vision, etc
-Convert movie DVDs to other file formats like DivX, XviD, AVI, MP4, etc.
-Utilises a high quality picture conversion engine
-Supports multi-angle movie DVDs
-Video Preview shows an overview of all selectable DVD titles
-Target size freely adjustable
-Supports chapter trimming
-Very easy to use: Our unique Filmstrip assistant will guide you step-by--step through all settings - easy for beginners
-Picture snapshots while converting
-Logging window available
-Stable, fast and does not require an ASPI driver
- added several new profiles: "Epson P-3000/P-4500/P-5000",
"BlackBerry 8800", "Archos 604 Wifi"
"Sony PSP patched version OE-B"
- New: Workaround for incorrectly authored discs which caused
a Clone 0 error
- updated mencoder
- Change: Workaround for registration problem on Windows Vista
- several minor fixes and improvements
- Updated languages
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