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VITO AudioNotes 1.3

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VITO AudioNotes 1.3
Requirements: Windows Mobile Smartphone
Best for using with Windows Mobile 5.0
Note that phone calls are recorded only on WM 5.0 Smartphones.
We recommend you to start recording phone calls after you have pressed the answer button.
Currently does not record phone calls on Moto Q and Samsung BlackJack
Overview: VITO AudioNotes is the easiest way to record to your Smartphone phone calls, voice notes, lectures, interviews, negotiations or anything else you like.

VITO AudioNotes is the easiest way to save important information on the go:
- record phone calls
- record notes in MP3 and WAV formats
- choose from optimal recording presets: low, medium, high quality
- store recordings to storage card or main memory
- append recording to the same file after stop
- auto record phone calls
VITO AudioNotes offers special features while recording:
- increase microphone sensitivity with automatic gain control
- avoid silence gaps with VAS (Voice Activation System)
- control the file size growing while recording
Recorded notes are easily managed:
- move them between main memory and storage card
- send via email or MMS (Windows Mobile 5.0)
- perform basic operations like play, rename, delete
view properties
- sort by name or date
In VITO AudioNotes recording your note is just a matter of two keystrokes:
- Press a speed dial button to start VITO AudioNotes
- Press the left soft key to start and stop recording
Last update
- type the name of a recording to find it in a sec
- all recordings in the list are sorted by the date: the most recent go at the top
- rerecord an audio note from any point
- continue playing a note from the place where you left off
Languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish
More Info:

Download Instructions: Unpack>Install>Use (Patched Vito Unipatcher v1.0)