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Pocket Yubotu .NET v1.0

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Pocket Yubotu .NET v1.0
Requirements: .NET Compact Framework 1.1, ppc2002
Overview: Play this addictive logic game where you need to uncover the location of a fleet of ships. Unlimited puzzles provide hours of entertainment.

DKM Yubotu (also known as BattleShip Puzzle or BattleShip Solitaire) is logic puzzle where you need to determine where a fleet of ships are placed in a 10x10 grid. The fleet consists of ten ships: one battleship (four squares in length), two cruisers (three squares in length), three destroyers (two squares in length) and four submarines (one square each). In addition, DKM has introduced a variation of a fifteen ship fleet in a 12x12 grid.
The ships may be placed horizontally or vertically in the grid but no two ships will occupy adjacent grid squares, even diagonally.
Nearly all puzzles start with a few squares already filled in to get you going.
The digits along the side and below the grid indicate the number of grid squares in the corresponding rows and columns that are occupied by ships.
All puzzles are solvable by pure logic alone - no guessing required.

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