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Head2Head Sudoku v1.0

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Head2Head Sudoku v1.0
Requirements: Windows PocketPC 2003 or Windows Mobile 5
Overview: Play sudoku as never before: Head2Head! Solve puzzles as a team, or compete to solve them. Or solve by your self!

Play alone
Race against other players across a network to see who’s first to solve the puzzle.
Cooperatively solve same puzzle across a network.
Game generates its own puzzles or manually input your own.
Keeps individual statistics for multiple players.
Four levels of difficulty from ?easy’ to ?brain-buster’.
Sophisticated hint system.
Optional alert sound when wrong number is entered.
Show candidates.
Auto solves any valid Sudoku puzzle, whether the puzzle is generated by the game or manually inputted.
Your favorite games can be saved and recalled so you can test your friends’ Sudoku skills against yours.
Timer can be turned off.
Fun game sounds.
New!: Play against the computer!
New!: Enter your own candidates.

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