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PluginAdapter v0.1 beta

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PluginAdapter v0.1 beta (Freeware)
Requirements: Windows Mobile 2002 or later - ARM Processors
Overview: PluginAdapter is a PocketPC Today plugin and can 'host' virtually any MS Smartphone homescreen plugin that doesn’t use smartphone-specific features of windows mobile

PluginAdapter doesn't have its own interface except that one little information box displayed when first Action event occurs.

PluginAdapter has only one variable to set: homescreen XML file path. You can change it with your favourite registry editor at
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Today\Items\PluginAdapter\HomeXMLFilename (REG_SZ)
If this value is absent, the file
\My Documents\PluginAdapter.home.xml
will be used.

This XML file is an ordinary smartphone homescreen xml with one restriction: you can have only one <plugin> defined (current version doesn’t support more). You should leave default, scheme, etc. intact because color scheme, fonts, padding and many more are defined there.

How to install:
Copy and run the cab-file on your device, then go to Start->Settings->Today->Items and ensure that PluginAdapter is listed there and then press Ok.

More Info:

Download Instructions: