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Pocketstatistics v1.0

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Pocketstatistics v1.0
Requirements: Windows Mobile 2002 or newer
Overview: PocketStatics is a structural analysis application for Windows or the PocketPC. Sketch your frame or truss using pen or mouse, apply loads and boundary conditions and plot results.

PocketStatics is a structural analysis application for the Pocket PC, Windows or TabletPC OS. This is one of the easiest structural analysis programs you will use, no manual needed! Draw your frame or truss using the pen, apply loads and boundary conditions and imediately see the results. You have the option of viewing the deformed shape, in addition to moment, shear and axial force diagrams. See support reactions, node displacements or deformations along the length of any elements. Deformed shapes are smooth and accurate. Magnify or reduce the scale of any diagram and view values on the screen. You can control which values you want to see. Editing element or node properties or loads is very easy through the pen or menu. Perfect for civil, structural and mechanical engineers and students. Use in the office, in meetings, on site, in the classroom, or anywhere you can take your Pocket PC. A Windows version is also available from our website.

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