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HButton v1.5

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HButton v1.5 (Freeware)
Requirements: Pocket PC with .NET 2.0 installed
Overview: "HButton can be used to assign more applications to one HW button."

"If you press the button, the first application is run. If you hold button till the device vibrates, second app is run. If you hold button till second vibrates, third app…. And so on, and so forth."

Version 1.5 fixes the following:
* Fix: Bugs in installation and setup on devices with localized ROMs
* Fix: Unable to remove first app in list
* Fix: Not working for some buttons on Universal
* Could be installed on Storage Card (Only HBSetup.exe)
* <Clock> application
* Positioning of info box.

* Uninstall previous version (not necessary on WM5, WM6).
* Install attached cab.
* Run HBSetup (Programs - HButton - HBSetup), setup up to 5 applications to Button1
* Start Setting – personal – Buttons and assign HButton1 to any HW button.

Now you can run all selected applications using this one HW button.

Although .NET 2.0 is necessary to use HBSetup, you can use it without .NET. According to the developer, you can install it from cab and after setup, use a registry editor to edit the following registry entries (this route is so tedious Crying or Very sad, I'm telling you now -- I strongly suggest, and it's quicker if, you just install .NET 2.0, if you still haven't):
Delay : DWORD delay in ms between applications start. (Optional, Deafult 500)
Notify : DWORD type of notification. 1 - vibrate, 2 - Beep, 4 - display name. (i.e. 7 for all). (Optional, default 1)

flags : DWORD flags for this button. 1 for cycle thru apps, 2 for notify even first app. (Optional, default 0)
NItems : DWORD number of applications assigned to HButton1

Item0 : STRING first application
Item0_name : STRING displayed name of first application. (Optional)

Item1 : STRING second application
Item1_name : STRING displayed name of first application. (Optional)

.. same for others buttons

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