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CallerInfo 1.0

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Name: CallerInfo
Version: 1.0
URL: www.palmgear.com/?xyz=132595
CallerInfo shows up to 5 selectable info-fields from your contact database on the standard incoming-call screen.

Show for example the callers title, its company, its work address and the first custom field from your contact database.

When your call ends speed up the regular task of creating an appointment by using 5 definable big buttons in the after-call screen.

CallerInfo uses standard local PIM-exchange formats and works with every application on your Palm which registers itself as receiver of this standard formats.

The after-call screen has a build-in timeout of 10s, a big close button and dismisses when you press any application button or tap outside the window.

CallerInfos are stored in the system clipboard when you receive a call, to speed up appointment creation during the call.