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CardReader 1.06 p10

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[What is new in v1.06pl0]

* Support for Treo 755p;
* Per service auto enable setting;
* Show the address of the remote Bluetooth device;
* Fixes in the Bluetooth FTP server code;
* Correctly show the size of the 4GB+ cards (USB mass storage protocol code was not affected);
* Spanish ans Russian translations for application UI.

FULL version attached. No need for registration, keygen or serial number. Install and enjoy.

Note: supports both USB and Bluetooth connections.
Connect your Palm device to a desktop just like a usual USB card reader!

Mobile Stream Card Reader allows to use Palm-powered handhelds as an ordinary USB card reader for quick and easy file exchange. It has the unique ability to export the card in the background mode allowing you e.g. to transfer MP3s simultaneously with web browsing.

When you connect your Palm-powered handheld to a desktop, the desktop PC will automatically recognize the memory card in the Palm slot as a removable disk so you can easily exchange your music/movies/images/data with the handheld. No installation of additional drivers is required on modern PC/Mac computers.

Please note that you have to install a suitable driver on Windows 98. This Windows 98 driver is known to work.

* Card Reader is known to work on the following devices: palm T|X
* palmOne Treo 600
* palmOne Treo 650
* palmOne Tungsten|T3
* palmOne Tungsten|T5
* palmOne Tungsten|E2
* palmOne Tungsten|E
* palmOne Tungsten|C
* palmOne Zire 31
* palmOne Zire 71
* palmOne Zire 72
* GSL Xplore M28
* GSL Xplore M68 (Hagenuk S200)
* Garmin iQue 3200
* Garmin iQue 3600
* Sony CLIE PEG-NX60
* Sony CLIE PEG-NX70
* Sony CLIE PEG-NX73
* Sony CLIE PEG-NX80
* Sony CLIE PEG-NZ90
* Sony CLIE PEG-TG50
* Sony CLIE PEG-TH55
* Sony CLIE PEG-UX50
* Sony CLIE PEG-UX40
* Tapwave Zodiac 1
* Tapwave Zodiac 2

* Card Reader is also expected to work on: Garmin iQue 3600a

Updated Description:

- Support for Xplore M28;
- Improved stability in the background mode on PalmOS 5.2+ devices;
- Exporting multiple slots at once on all supported devices;
- Better transfer speed for Garmin iQue 3600/3200, Tapwave Zodiac;
- Support for Treo 600, GSL Xplore M68;
- Better fault tolerance to card or connection errors on most devices;
- More reliable reading for PXA-based devices;
- Fixed a random lock-up or a crash on connect for TH55, UX40/50, VZ90.

System Requirements:
# RAM Used: 35KB
# Minimum Requirements: Any Palm OS Hardware
# Palm OS 5.0
# Resolutions Supported: Sony Hi-Res (320x320)
# Sony Hi-Res+ (320x480)
# Palm Hi-Res (320x320)
# Palm Standard (160x160)
# Palm Hi-Res (320x480)
# Palm Hi-Res Landscape (320x480)
# Tapwave Full Screen (480x320)
# Tapwave (320x320)