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PocketMirror 4.3.0

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If you use more than just the main Outlook Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes folders to organize personal and business information and want to integrate this additional Outlook information with your Palm OS handheld, PocketMirror Professional is the synchronization solution for you.

Improved integration with Microsoft Outlook. Reliable synchronization of data. Increase your productivity. Access and update more of your business and personal information from Outlook while you're away from your desk.

Key Features of PocketMirror Professional Include:

* Synchronization with multiple folders, including public folders, subfolders, SharePoint folders, and select folders in BCM (Business Contact Manager) - Carry business and personal information anywhere. Select multiple folders to sync with your handheld, including:
o Public folders
o Subfolders
o SharePoint Contacts and Calendar folders
o Business Contact Manager (BCM) Accounts, Business Contacts and Opportunities folders

# Advanced multiple PC synchronization support -install it on multiple PCs and synchronize. It is just that easy.
# Free, friendly, knowledgeable and responsive Technical Support. No outsourcing -period. All Technical Support representatives work in our headquarters in sub-tropical Mobile, Alabama. English with a southern drawl is our first language.
# NEW in 4.0 Microsoft Outlook 2007 Support - Don't skip a beat when you switch to Microsoft Outlook 2007. PocketMirror Standard is ready to synchronize with it when you are.
# NEW in 4.0 DataFix Technology -The DataFix feature detects corrupt records and invalid data and then corrects them when possible or simply removes them and replaces them with the item from the other platform. It also removes any corrupted archived records from the handheld.
# NEW in 4.0 Integration with SharePoint -Transfer SharePoint Contacts and Calendar folders from Outlook to the handheld's built-in applications. This way, you have access to the information you need at any time.
# NEW in 4.0 Global Address List - Transfers names and email addresses from the Global Address List to the handheld. Compose emails to your corporate contacts just as easily on your Treo 600, 650, 700p or other Palm OS device as you can while sitting at your PC.
PocketMirror Professional XT

In order to use PocketMirror Professional XT software, you must have:

* Handheld device using the new Palm Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, and Memos applications
* Treo 700p, Treo 650, Palm T|X, Palm Z22, Zire 72, Zire 31, Tungsten T5, Tungsten T3, Tungsten E, Tungsten E2 and LifeDrive ONLY
* Palm Desktop Software 4.1
* Microsoft Outlook 98 or higher
* Windows®-compatible Personal Computer
* Windows 98, ME, XP Home, Windows 2000 or XP Professional
* 16MB RAM (32 recommended)
* 5MB disk space
PocketMirror® Professional Version History
Version 4.3 - May 3, 2007

* If System/Backup conduit is set incorrectly, user is given the option to have PocketMirror correct the setting.
* Added option to sync extra fields from GAL.