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YBasic HotPaw 1.4.5

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Name: Ybasic
Version: 1.4.5(b0)
URL: http://www.hotpaw.com/rhn/hotpaw/

HotPaw Basic feature list:

* over 75 functions and 30 commands built-in;
* allows you to write BASIC programs in your MemoPad;
* simple built-in dialogs for displaying results and prompting for input parameters;
* custom form creation with user definable buttons, fields, checkboxes and pop-up lists;
* access to some standard database formats (including HanDBase 3, JFile and List) instead of a proprietary format;
* supports running Basic programs contained in pedit32 Memos or "Doc" files,
* sound and graphics commands, auto-scaling 2d and 3d plots, COLOR graphics; sound commands include tone and Morse code generation;
* support for the complete ANSI/ISO Minimal Basic programming language standard, most GWBasic(tm) functions and statements, plus block structured programming constructs (no line numbers required!);
* uses double precision floating point arithmetic and the MathLib transcendental function library;
* programmable ToDo, Datebook appointment and alarm creation;
* serial port, infrared(SIR), Bluetooth, and internet network socket communication support;
* compatible with the newest Palm OS 5.2 devices;
* includes several example programs;
* and more...

the serial 03U3-7W8M-9UWE should still do the trick