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Plam treo 680 Software Update

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Plam treo 680 Software Update

What this update brings
* Improved power management for better battery life.
* Camera update for improved battery life (available previously as a standalone update).
* Helps correct distorted characters that can occur in the title bar of the Phone application.
* Helps fix device "freezing" that may occur under certain conditions.
* System Lockout improvement for increased security.
* Support for the new Daylight Saving Time legislation (available previously as a standalone update).
* Provides better support for networks unique to some Caribbean, Latin American, and Asian countries.
* Updates Cingular branding, replacing it with the new AT&T branding.
# On your Treo 680, press Phone
# Press Menu
# From the Options menu, select Phone Info.
# Look for the Software: item. What does it say?

This is software version Treo680-1.09-ATT so check before to see if you need to upgrade or not.

and now for the download
Windows xp or 2000 download from here
windows vista
and Mac OS X