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Palmary Clock Wireless 1.1.1

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URL: http://www.palmarysoft.com/products/...less/overview/
DOWNLOAD: http://www.palmarysoft.com/products/...s/download/en/

PalmaryClock Wireless Edition is not just an improved clock, it is a technological breakthrough. Your Palm can now be not only a powerful organizer but a real-time assistant in your business! Nowadays it is very important to have the latest reliable information, and with the help of PalmaryClock Wireless Edition it is as easy as a pie.

The latest currency information, weather forecasts and exact time are seamlessly integrated for you. We have striven to simplify the controls of our program. An improved on-screen menu allows easy one-tap access to the most important functions. Preferences are regrouped for easy access. In a word they are more comprehensive and flexible. The Calendar is skinnable now! And of course, improved graphics!