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Handy Pilot Font Editor II 2.2r

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Handy Pilot Font Editor II 2.2r
Name: Handy Pilot Font Editor II
Version: 2.2r
URL: http://www.palmgear.com/?xyz=19973

Application Description:

Handy Pilot Font Editor is a powerful designing tool that you can use on PalmOSâ„¢ powered handheld computers to create new or modify existing PalmOSâ„¢ fonts.
The basic operation of the program involves importing fonts from your Palmâ„¢ handheld's memory, editing the font as you wish, and saving the font back to the Palm handheld's memory. You edit the fonts on a character-by-character basis. Many drawing tools are available to help you create exactly what you want. Enough documentation is included to get you off to a good start.

Updated Description:

v2.2r (15-NOV-2005):

* Added: HPFE Tools. An Open Source solution almost for any font and font database convert.
* Added: Editing mode change - Invert, Draw, Erase.
* Added: PalmOSâ„¢ QVGA 240x240. One And a Half screen resolution support.
* Added: Cells side length in drawing area may vary up to minimum value defined in the editor options. Now you will be able to design the font on very small screens.
* Added: Documentation and license agreement on Russian language.
* Changed: Clipboard image scale was changed from '3/4' to '2/3'. It lets convert from Double Density glyphs image placed to clipboard to One And a Half density.
* Changed: Shareware evaluate period expanded to 32 day.
* Changed: License agreement.
* Bugfix: Missing glyph image loads with the missing font glyphs - fixed.
* Bugfix: Incorrect missing characters width - fixed.

v2.1t (4-AUG-2004):

* Bug: "Invalid chunk..." at program exit after switchig beetwen large glyphs - fixed.
* Slight adaptation for system color themes.
* Added 'Net' and 'Dots' appearence mode for gridlines in the Editor Options.
* Menu commands to scale placed to clipboard glyph image by x0.5, x0.75, x1.5, x2;

v2.1s (23-APR-2004):

* Added option- clipboard type: bitmap|text. This is allowing to import and export glyph in PilRc text format.
* Bug: Incorrect glyph preview after operation with marked block - fixed.
* Bug: System find command cause "Fatal exception" - fixed.
* Bug: Incorrect actived paste mode when user returns back to program - fixed.

v2.1r (9-APR-2004):

* Added font zoom option in the test window on Sony Clie with Palm OSâ„¢ 4.x.
* Menu call taping empty spaces on title bar.
* Bug: Ren command changes font name in editor- fixed.
* Bug: Memory chunk leaves locked after opended folder view -fixed.
* Dimension digits appears incorrectly on new Sony handhelds -fixed.
* Improper large font loading on Palm OSâ„¢ 5.x. - fixed.

NOTE: Registered users of previous version have free upgrades to new version of HPFE II. Simply write e-mail to author.
System Requirements:
# RAM Used: 500KB
# Minimum Requirements: Palm: Palm III
# Palm OS 3.5
# Resolutions Supported: Sony Hi-Res (320x320)
# Sony Hi-Res+ (320x480)
# Palm Hi-Res (320x320)
# Palm Standard (160x160)
# Handera Hi-Res (240x320)
# Palm Hi-Res (320x480)
# Tapwave (320x320)