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TenGO Palm 1.0

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TenGO Palm 1.0
Name: TenGO Palm
Version: 1.0
URL: http://www.tengo.net/tengo_palm.html

TenGO is a unique text entry method that offers an alternative to the default software keyboard and full screen keyboard systems. It uses an innovative tap-and-scribe method that uses only 6 large alphabet keys to type.
The advantages are that you have lesser keys to manage and the keys are larger, reducing the frustration of missing and correcting. Unlike full-screen keyboards, TenGo does not compromise your display space, as it uses the same area that the default keyboard uses.
The typing with TenGo takes some getting used to, since it works quite differently from the standard keyboard as it does not immediately type the letter you are selecting, but rather uses a dictionary approach to guess the correct word based on the keys that you selected.
In addition, you can also target specific letters by using a scribe method (striking them) and select word suggestions from an interactive list that is displayed as you type.
The results are amazingly accurate and TenGo appears to be picking the correct words most of the time, and in addition it learns from the words you commonly use and becomes more accurate over time. It offers additional features to customize the input, add custom words to a library and delete others. If you are looking for an alternative to the default keyboard, then you should definitely give TenGo a try.