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Resco Explorer 3.01

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A powerful file management utility for your Palm handheld.
It implements complete file manipulation tools, selected launcher features, zipper, image viewer and a lot of other tools. You get in one package a handset of tools that used to be scattered in various applications.


File ManagerOne of the best features of the Explorer is its customizability.

The user may choose between one- or two-panel modes, horizontal or vertical layout and setup other display aspects.

Note also the possibility of one-handed control and the support of all common devices and resolutions.

File Manager

The File Manager is the heart of the Explorer.

It is stable and efficient and it provides a comfortable way for file operations such as copying, moving,
deleting, renaming, etc.

It offers many enhanced functions such as drag&drop, copy&paste, multi-selection, RAM/card conversions, powerful sorting, searching and filtering.


File Manager Explorer can be used as classic launcher.

While it stil cannot compete in the areas such as launching from the card, Explorer offers other advantages - document launching, virtual document folders etc.

Launcher extras

Launcher abilities

Explorer allows the user to start the applications stored in RAM, on the card or even in the zip archives.

Moreover, by tapping on a suitable file you can launch the associated application.

An editor of file associations is available, too.

Control Panel

Control Panel integrates more enhanced features such as editors of preferences, file associations or alarms as well as additional system information.


People often think of backup when it is too late...

Explorer backup offers similar functionality to the competing packages, but it does so very fast and needs less card space.

And one more thing — the backup verification (since v2.42) makes it possible to reliably test the backup results. You can decide whether to trust the backup set without complicated testing.


Zipper offers the cheapest way to save significant amounts of storage space.

The used algorithm is PC compatible, so you can extract archives created on a desktop PC and vice-versa.

Zipper is transparently integrated into the Explorer. You can perceive a zip archive as another folder and manipulate its contents, view compressed images, launch compressed applications etc.

Zipper offers also password-based encryption.

Network, FTP


Explorer offers several network-related functions.

You can define one or more FTP connections that are accessible just like another card. The figure demonstrates that:

You see the Resco FTP server with all its files and folders. You can browse the site, view, copy, delete - simply do (nearly) the same things as if the files resided on your PDA.

Besides FTP, you can do the file downloads (http) and even check for newest Resco products.

Built-in Image Viewer

A simple fast viewer providing full-screen image preview.

Displays jpg/bmp/gif images and images produced by Clie and Zire cameras.

Enables direct image preview from the zip archives. Alternatively the external viewers can be employed.

RAM analyzer

You know it for sure: Cleaning old unneeded stuff that remained from the past and just occupies precious space, is close to impossible. It's here when the (optional) folder view of the RAM comes to help.

Explorer sorts hundreds of the RAM files into logical folders grouped by the application or purpose and identifies unknown pieces. It's much more than simple sorting by CreatorID's - simply a perfect tool for the RAM analysis.

Hex Viewer

Enables preview of the selected file in different modes: image, hex, text, database.

Database mode also allows delete of individual records.

Text mode offers full editing capabilities.

Working with txt files

Txt files offer the easiest way to share the information with the non-Palm world.
Text files can be beamed, hotsynced, created and finally edited either with the built-in memopad or using the hex editor.

Version 3.01 | May 16, 2007
Network Services

FTP access is realized via FTP Connections dialog and the FTP node in the tree.
FTP node works just as another card, i.e. you can copy, delete, view remote files. (etc.)
Download File menu option enables http downloads.
Resco Updates menu option offers handheld access to Resco downloads.
For additional network options see the General Options dialog.

RAM analyzer
RAM icon view is replaced by a structured folder view with the databases sorted into reasonably defined folders. The sorting relies on CreatorID's, associations and other techniques.
Ideal tool for PDA cleaning.
Note that

Folders can be expanded/collapsed via main menu.
The two RAM views are toggled via button in the bottom right corner.


Optional address bar at the top.
Icon view with small icons uses 2-column format. (Space-efficient arrangment.)
Many dialogs redesigned, most noticeably General Options and Backup commands.

Other news

Favorites allow for bookmarking of frequently visited pages. The users can select a hotkey for fast access to the favorite pages.
Number of fixes and improvements.