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Application Name: 2Action Sales Professional 2.01

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Application Name: 2Action Sales Professional
Version: 2.01

Website: www.cyberling.com/2actionsales.asp

Demo time: 14 days
Demo Download: www.cyberling.com/downloads/dl.asp?p=22

Register Code Required: Yes (linked to your HotSync ID

Developed with the "Sales Process" verses the "Accounting Process" as its focus, 2Aciton Sales concentrates on the sequence of events involved with getting (quotes), delivering (orders) and collecting on a sale (invoices).


Generate Quote, Order, Invoice documents from handheld data

Apply discounts to entire documents or individual products, or both

Power users can completely customize documents with the 2Action Script Language

Accept payments and purchase order signatures
Add high quality, memory efficient images to your product details

Add multiple price breaks per product
Quickly find documents, products/services, and clients with the powerful find option

E-mail all documents as Adobe Acrobat PDF or HTML attachments

Images load in the background for faster viewing
Encrypted credit card numbers for greater security on your PDA


Beautiful 24bit color images show products and/or services clearly

Simple, intuitive, high quality sales & tracking tool
Included Desktop software let's you create professional documents in seconds

Manage your potential clients by what stage in the Sales Process they're in

Record payment and authorization details
Always have the most current product catalog in your PDA

Compliment an existing accounting package without adding unnecessary complexity for your sales forc