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ComiX - Comics reader (.cbz/.cbr) 1.2

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ComiX - Comics reader (.cbz/.cbr) 1.2
Name: ComiX - Palm comics reader (.cbz/.cbr)
Version: 1.1
URL: http://palmgear.com/?xyz=125399

Using ComiX you can comfortably read comicbooks on the go.

An easy to use graphical interface and fast code make it something you will use whenever you want to read some graphical adventures.

When opening comic books you will not see cryptical filenames, but you will see a preview for each comicbook.

Free, legal comics can be downloaded from


Included in the package is a converter which does conversions for you in a fast and easy way

Note: when purchasing a license, you must do so for each Hotsync ID separately.

The program needs 2MB of free memory when running.

The trial version only displays the first 5 pages of a comic, but this should give an idea of how the software works and if it is right for you
Updated Description:

Version 1.1 fixes some minor issues. Read version.txt for more details.

Use attached keygen to make application full version.