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Beiks Verb Conjugator 1.1

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Beiks Verb Conjugator 1.1

Designed to help studying foreign languages, the program is a handy substitution for the fat grammar books. It is implemented as one "host" program with many language plug-ins, each of which provides the conjugation functionality for particular language.

It is important to know that most language plug-ins use rules and exceptions specific to the language to perform the conjugation as opposed to just lookup tables (like in books). Because of that, Conjugator does not have clear way of telling existing from fake verbs (with the exception of predefined irregular verbs). This results in "correct" conjugation for any word that "sounds" like a verb according to the language rules, even if it actually isn't. Future program version will be able to identify all infinitives.

Irregular verbs are usually defined by a special look-up table.

The downloadable modules are Trial (demo) versions, which have some functional limitation. Most often, this would be that certain tenses will not be supported. Instead, when selected to perform conjugation, the output list will display "DEMO" message. Upon purchasing the appropriate module, users will be able to download the fully functional file(s) for the language.

The upload here is the FULL VERSION, including both French and Spanish.

They have also English, German, Italian, Latin and Portuguese. If you have any of this, upload here so we can complete the file (only if you have the full version, please).