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HanaHo Games Space Invaders Trilogy v1.00

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HanaHo Games Space Invaders Trilogy v1.00
Requirements: WM2003 or higher, 1MB free memory, QVGA 320x240 display or higher
Overview: It's back! HanaHo Games presents Space Invaders Trilogy by Taito. Relive all the excitement with three original Space Invaders arcade hits now available for Pocket PC!

HanaHo Games presents Space Invaders Trilogy by Taito. Relive all the excitement of the arcade originals on your very own Pocket PC. Shoot down waves of alien Invaders before they land and destroy your base. Space Invaders Trilogy includes the original 1978 mega-hit Space Invaders, the 1980 sequel Space Invaders Part II, and the 1985 follow-up, Return of the Invaders... Three authentic arcade classics in one complete package!

1. Space Invaders - The original arcade hit just as you remembered it. Play the game that started it all! Features both cocktail mode with standard black background or the infamous lunar landscape right out of the stand-up arcade cabinet.
2. Space Invaders Part II - The Deluxe version of Space Invaders with an added set of challenges. This one includes the elusive Stealth Saucer, new Mini Invaders, and other surprises.
3. Return of the Invaders - Not just a sequel, but a whole new game! Completely revamped graphics, intense boss battles, and fast-action game play enhance this updated version of the arcade original.

More Info:
http://www.handango.com/PlatformPro...h&platformId=2&N=96806 4294967272 34&R=205940

Download Instructions:
option 1: http://rapidshare.com/files/3320432...rs.Trilogy.v1.00.XScale.WM2003.WM5-SyMPDA.rar
option 2: http://www.4shared.com/file/16589995/4d4c5660/HGSITv100.html