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ITO.Calendars v2.0

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ITO.Calendars v2.0 (freeware)
Requirements: ARM Processors, Windows Mobile 5.0 (WM5), .NET Compact Framework 2.0, 1.2MB Space
Overview: Fast, Efficient program to convert Persian, Hijri and Gregorian Calendars to each other and vise versa with MultiLanguage interface

Here are some key features of "ITO.Calendars v2.0":
. Multi-Language interface
. Support Persian/Arabic without any Persian/Arabic Enabler
. Vertical and Horizontal Display compatibility
. Very easy to use with Clean Style
. Easily switch between Languages
. Easily switch between Calendars
. Integrate with Pocket Outlook
. Support Gregorian, Persian, Hijri Calendars
· Month View display for 3 different calendars
. Show Appointments in selected month
. Detail Configuration for each Calendar
. Support keys to navigate between Days/Weeks/Months/Years
. Configurable Keys Assignment
. Convert dates between supported Calendars
. Easily Jump to specific date
Prayer Times
· Display Prayer times for any location
· Can display times with spesific Time-Zone
· Support for daylight saving

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