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Contact-M Version 2.1

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Name: Contact-M
Version: v2.1
URL: http://www.palmgear.com/?xyz=7579

Contact-M® is a powerful and super useful address book! With a lot of features! With Contact-M® you will organize a perfect and easy-to-manage address book. In this program you have the option to add new categories, for example: a address book with only family, other category with only friends... and you have the option to make a list of commitments at any date with the people in your address book! You dont need to have more than a program to manage this! In the Contact-M® you can manage your address book and your life easily and quickly!

- Three Tabs to add all the information about the person: General Tab, Address Tab and Phone Tab;
- Add all the information about the person, like Home Address/Phone , Business Address/Phone/Fax , ICQ , E-Mail, Cell Phone, MSN, AOL IM (aol instant messenger) , Pager Number , Personal/Business Website and more!
- Make UNLIMITED categories to organize your address book!
- Make any commitment with any people at your address book, at any date, hour...
- Organize your life easily and quickly!
- Instant HotSync Backup!
- No Bugs!
- Instant Backup with another version of Contact-M®!

Like you can see, Contact-M® is a complete, perfect and great program to fill all your needs!


Updated Description:

v1.2 (02/8/03):
- Added MSN option in the E-mail, Icq... popup at Phone Tab
- Fixed some program layout problems
- New and improved Time field at New Commitment screen
- Colorful about box
- Up to 32000 records
- Compatible with All PalmOS's (including the PalmOS 5)

v1.6 (10/8/03):
- Categories working 100% now
- Contacts names sorted alphabetically
- Commitments sorted by date

v2.0 (27/3/05):
- Graphic buttons added in all program screens
- Changed program layout
- Added scrollbars in some fields
- Added new features
- Changed initial screen into 2 new tabs (Contacts and Commits)
- Totally compatible with B/W devices

v2.1 (17/06/05):
- Contact-M Desktop Application for Windows Released!

Contact-M Desktop Application for Windows
Now you can manage your Contact-M database using your Desktop PC or Laptop using this powerful and professional Windows Application!
It's a professional and very powerful application to manage your Contact-M contacts list and commitments databases! With tons of options and a great and easy-to-use program interface, you can easily edit and manage your contacts and commitments!
Check our the program page for more information!

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