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Multitasker 1.0C

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Name: Multitasker
Version: 1.0C
URL: http://domoresoftware.tripod.com/

Multitasker is an environment which supplements the native Palm OS functionality in order to allow for multi-tasking and multi-threading in compatible yBasic applications. Multitasker also includes an integrated window manager, as well as vibration software that allows for force feedback on most OS 5 palm devices! To learn more, click one of the links above.

I think this is supposed to be Saguaro's competition.
From 1src.com Multitasker is more utilitarian, with a white background, non-translucent windows, and a small green toolbar. Multitasker also handled application display's differently from saguaro:In saguaro all the information that a program wants to display is within a window, and the background is the desktop, like on a PC.

Multitasker also has an innovative force-feedback system that does not require a force-feedback module--it can use the device's internal speaker to produce vibration. This worked well on my T|X, although sometimes the vibration was a little faint. The bundled applications integrated this well--when a count-down timer expired it would sound an alarm and vibrate, and in Sketchy(the drawing app), the T|X would vibrate whenever the stylus was pressed down to the screen.
In terms of installation, they were both fairly easy to install--Multitasker required an installation of yBasic and required me to run an installer, but it worked fine. During my testing, both programs were also stable, if a bit slow to respond sometimes
(Note:Some users have reported problems with Saguaro and memory, but I didn't notice any problems)

Multitasker's requirements are more modest--the latest version of yBasic, a few kilobytes of memory, a 100 MHz processor, and a monochrome 160/160 screen. To really get the best out of it, though, you'll need a color screen and a faster processor, as well as a handheld with OS5 enhanced sound.