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Accessorizer Beta 0.38

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URL: www.1src.com/freeware/fileinfo.php?id=1674


Accessorizer is a unique utility that takes almost
any application or control panel and creates a
Desk Accessory (DA) that launches it on top of the
current application (and lets you come back to it
when done), assuming you have enough memory.

Accessorizer works on PalmOS 5.x.

A DA is a special applet that can be run on top of
another application, by use of a DA launcher. The nice
thing about a DA is that it doesn't force you to exit
your previous application. Thus, a notepad DA would let
you make notes while inside a web browser, and then come
right back to the web browser. There are a lot of DAs
that do lots of things, but DA afficionados always want
more, and Accessorizer can do such things as produce a
DA to calibrate your digitizer (just generate a DA for
the Digitizer control panel), view your contacts (just
generate a DA for your Contacts application), and so on.


1. Install Accessorizer.prc.
2. Run Accessorizer. There may be a lengthy pause
when you first run it, and a somewhat shorter one
when you generate a DA.
3. Select an application.
4. Press "Generate".
5. Install your new DA in your DA launcher.

If an application does not show up in the list, that's
because either Accessorizer can't create a DA for it,
or it has already created a DA for it.

Note that you need to have sufficient memory to launch
one application on top of another. Not all applications
will be compatible.


You might want to download MetaDA from Palmgear.com. MetaDA is a DA that
pops up a list of all your other DAs. This way, all you need to do is to
assign MetaDA to an action or put it in a favorites list, and you can
then access all your other DAs.

Some applications that it might be nice to Accessorize include:
- Calendar
- Tasks
- Contacts
- Calculator
- Digitizer