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HSNSwitch 1.5 - alternative to MultiUserHack

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HSNSwitch 1.5 - alternative to MultiUserHack
Name: HSNSwitch
Version: v1r1
URL: http://www.schau.com/gz/palm/hsnswitch/

HSNSwitch can be used to change your HotSync name on the fly. I got a new Palm and made it my primary PDA. It inherited the old HotSync name so that I could continue using most of the software I use without a change. I also decided that my old Palm (a Tungsten T) was going to be a replacement for my Gameboy (yes - the original b/w one :) So I had to find a way to move the games registered for primary Palm to the game-device.

Enter HSNSwitch. Basically, HSNSwitch can change the HotSync name on the fly - that is, before a program/game is launched the name is changed and after the application exits the name is reset.

HSNSwitch (currently) runs on PalmOS 5.x (and 5.x only!).

HSNSwitch is released under the GNU General Public License v2.
v1r1 (2005-04-17)
First release of HSNSwitch.