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WinRar Archive utility for RAR ZIP ACE - MAC rar User Solution

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This is one of the best archive utility, it is able to compress/expand almost all archive formats like ZIP, ACE, RAR and others.

Get the app here :

Mac OS X or other OS download a free unrar utility for your OS (site in Italian, this is the download page).

MacRAR is the only RAR tool for Macintosh. Based upon Eugene Roshal's sources and including a Mac interface, the package is delivered as shareware. The Mac user interface I added is included at no additional cost over the normal shareware price and with no usage limitations.

RAR is a compression coming from PC. Its compression rate and its options are really attractive

Features (screenshots) :
Compresses and extracts RAR archives
Drag'n Drop support
Appearance Manager, Navigation Services and AppleScript support
Information on archives' items and on archive itself
Recognition of files format with their equivalent on Macintosh
Uses MacBinary III (new version for 8.5)
AppleHelp Documentation

Requirements :
68k or PPC Macintosh, RAM 4 Mb at least for extraction, System 7 or later, Internet Config strongly recommended. According to the compression method used, RAR needs in memory may increase much

A nice freeware alternative is ZipGenius 5. It supports more than 20 file format for compression and encoding. OpenOffice documents, WinAMP and Windows Media Player skins can be treated as common zip files, plus they can be "optimized" to gain some extra compression. Even the new "7-zip" format is supported. ZipGenius can also build slideshows if ZG Album module is installed. ZG GUI has been redesigned in order to make it easier to use and now it offers a "XP-like" sidebar for common task, folder structure browsing and other advanced actions. New MultiOpen feature allows to open more than one archive at once. New feature "SmartExtract" allows to extract certain file types to specific folders (ex.: .JPG will go to "My Pictures" under WinXP). New CZIP 2.1 encryption format, so ZG can create even Self-Decrypting Archives (SDA) when you need to send a CZIP file to someone (they look like encrypted executable files). The ftp client, FTPGenius 2003, is also included in this edition.