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My Euro Converter v1.0

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My Euro Converter v1.0
Requirements: Pocket PC 2000/2002/2003/2003 SE/Windows Mobile 5.0/6.0 Devices; 101 KB of Free Memory
Overview: 174 Default Currencies. Most Flexible and Best-Ever Single & Multiple Currency Converters. Simple way to Update & Add Currencies. Superb Color Settings option. You will love it.

My Euro Converter contains both Single and Multiple Currency Conveter. My Euro Converter contains 174 Default Currencies. Conversions are based on Euro. Single Currency Converter converts values of one currency to another selected currency. Multiple Currency Converter converts values of one currency to many other currencies. Add any number of currencies. Attractive options for currency updation and deletion. Indomitable Search option for Currency list and Multiple Currency Converter. Irresistable Color Settings option. Professional User-Interface. A must for every Pocket PC user.

# Key Features:
# Professionally and Newly designed user-interface that speeds up Data Entry and Easy Viewing.
# Most Flexible Single and Multiple Currency Converters.
# Add any number of Currencies with Code and Rate.
# Simple options for Updating and Deleting Currencies.
# Attractive Color Settings Option.
# Great Search options for Currency List and Multiple Currency Converters.
# Simple Number keys makes you feel more comfortable.
# Accurate Conversions.
# Automatic Calculation of Currency rates.
# Novel way of browsing the options using a Pop-up Menu.

More Info:

Download Instructions: Full install, retail. No registration necessary.