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Space Treker 1.5+ (WM5) & v1.3+ (non-WM5)

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Space Treker 1.5+ (WM5) & v1.3+ (non-WM5)
Requirements: Pocket PC 2000, 2003, 2005
Overview: Space Treker is a Space Exploration game with trading, fighting and planetary discovery. This game is for people who want an absorbing game, not a shoot-em-up.

Choose from one of 5 ship types (Carrier, Salvage, Fighter, Explorer and Colony) and explore a vast galaxy with hundreds of inhabited systems full of trading opportunities and populated by numerous alien cultures many of whom will prove hostile. Can your skill as a trader, your tenacity as an explorer and your cunning as a fighter guide you through the worlds of Space Treker to achieve the ultimate rank? You must equip and repair your ship, discover resources, trade at a profit, defeat your enemies and join the guild of your choice if you are to succeed.

Hours of gameplay in a vast Galaxy:
Each time you begin a new game all systems, ships, names and trade goods are renewed to ensure a long gameplay lifetime. You can save the current game to restart at a later date and the keys used can be re-mapped to suit your preferences.

Great sound effects and customisable music:
The game uses sound effects and music to the full and players can use their own .mod files as background music if desired.

One of the fastest 3D engines available for PocketPC:
Space Treker uses the PocketGL 3D engine which is among the fastest of the 3D systems available today for PocketPC and the PocketFrog 2D game engine to deliver a fast and realistic gaming experience.

More Info:

Download Instructions:
Find The key and reg with it.

Blank names get a special key as do unicode names, if you have either, enter a blank name