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Iambic Inc EzAlarm v1.1 Build 105

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Iambic Inc EzAlarm v1.1 Build 105
Requirements: smartphone2005
Overview: EzAlarm has a simple user interface that allows you to change only the current alarm time and status.
For your convenience, it also displays the current time, and updates it live while you're using the program.
EzAlarm directly sets your Smartphone's built-in alarm, and does not use any proprietary timing or notification system.
After setting an alarm with EzAlarm, you can verify it using the Date and Time control panel. The notification sound can be set using the Sounds control panel.
Since EzAlarm is a standalone application, you can launch it from the Home screen, program any hotkey, or create a custom voice tag to launch it.
Either way, you will be able to set the alarm faster and more reliably than you would without EzAlarm.

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