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WM5torage 1.74 beta 9

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WM5torage 1.74 beta 9 (Freeware)
Requirements: Windows Mobile 2005 (incl. Smartphone)
Overview: This program will export the flash memory card inside the PDA or Smartphone as usual USB Mass Storage device.

- Many changes to the driver to allow for more invisible error recovery. Can possibly help with read/write instabilities on some devices. Also can help with preventing the complete freezes in case of USB/flash memory errors.
- Added the quick "blink" indication when choosing the LEDs/vibrators
- Improved the checking for "system" storages. Will try to more intelligently choose the storage card device as default right after install. Can help on devices where "DSK1:" is infact an internal storage, and the storage card is for example "DSK3:".
- More compatible re-mount mechanism. Possibly can help with "Hang on deactivate" issue.

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